Hello! I’m Claudia le Feuvre, Nutritional Therapist and Eating Psychology Coach.

I’m also co-founder of Mighty Green Coffee, a company with an aim to deliver supercharged, supernatural coffee into your life.

But where did it all begin? I discovered these unique coffees last summer (2018) and jumped at the chance to bring them to the UK. I persuaded Mike Balfour OBE to be my co-founder.

Mike founded Fitness First health clubs and is a pioneer in the health and fitness industry. We travelled to Fitness Coffee in Italy and became their exclusive distributor for the UK, Ireland and Gibraltar. And so the Mighty Green Coffee journey began…

Here’s why I’m so passionate about these coffees:


These are no ordinary coffees!

Each blend has been carefully crafted from many years of research. Natural herbs, spices and hemp flowers are carefully sourced for their health properties and flavours.

They are blended into unique combinations, building on the natural properties of coffee to transform them into truly functional and delicious brews.


Production happens in a small, modern factory close to the east coast of Italy. Exceptional care and attention is given to every part of the process.

The highest quality green coffee beans are thoroughly checked before roasting by Nicola, our Master Roaster. He uses a closely guarded formula for blending the coffee.

The final product is packaged within 35 minutes from beginning the roast to ensure freshness which is guaranteed through the degassing valve in the packaging.


I was introduced to these coffees when I discovered Cannabissimo with hemp flowers. I had been looking for tasty and affordable ways to benefit from CBD after numerous anecdotal examples of its benefits from clients. I had studied the benefits of CBD on our endocannabinoid system for myself and Cannabissimo coffee stood out as an amazing way to enjoy its benefits.


We know antioxidants are good for us. Thanks to the blended herbs and spices, Fitness Coffee has 40% more antioxidants compared to ordinary coffee. Sensual Coffee contains 30% more. Want to know more? Read our blog on how antioxidants work in the body and see our independent clinical study.


Aphrodisiac-enhancing and energy-boosting herbs and spices have been used for centuries. Not only does Sensual Coffee taste delicious, it may bring benefits!


Big lifestyle overhauls can be difficult to integrate into daily life and make stick.
It’s often small changes that make the biggest difference. They slip under the radar and become part of our daily lives. Love coffee? A cup of Mighty Green Coffee is an easy, supercharged upgrade to your standard brew.



Wishing you the best of health!


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