Want to extract the most mighty flavour from your coffee? Here’s how to make the perfect brew:


We’re chuffed to be the first people in the UK offering CBD coffee pods. Our pods are designed to fit original, standard Nespresso machines. These capsules make great coffee every time. No hanging around, instant and perfect coffee at the press of button.


Add one heaped tablespoon (7-10g) of coffee per 200ml water. If a strong brew does it for you, add more coffee.

Pour hot (not quite boiling) water into the pot and gently stir. Giving a good stir is key to helping the botanicals infuse.

Put the plunger in, stopping just above the water and ground coffee. Let it stand for 4 minutes, or longer to supercharge the intensity, CBD content, and caffeine.

Press down slowly with steady pressure until you reach the coffee grounds.


Fill the base chamber with cold water up to where indicated and place the filter.

Completely fill the filter with ground coffee but don’t pack it down.

Screw the top firmly back on to the base and place on a hot stove until all the fluid has moved into the upper chamber.

Key to the perfect brew is to give the coffee a quick stir before decanting.


Warm up the coffee pot for a few minutes by filling it with hot water. Then empty.

Use a heaped tablespoon (7-10g) of coffee for every 100-150ml of water for standard strength. Add more if you like it strong.

Add water and coffee to the machine.

Keep the coffee warm in a thermal carafe.

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