What are antioxidants and how do they work?

We know they’re are good for us but what are antioxidants and how do they work? What makes them so vital for our health?

Let’s dive right into it:

Just as letters are the building blocks of language, atoms are the building blocks of molecules and matter. Everything, including all the cells in our bodies is built from atoms. Healthy bodies are made up of healthy atoms.

But what does a healthy atom look like?


A healthy atom is healthy and stable when it has balanced electrons (that’s the grey circles).


A free radical is created when an electron is stolen from a healthy atom. The atom then becomes unstable. Free radicals will try to rebalance themselves by stealing electrons from healthy atoms, causing a chain reaction of healthy atoms turning into free radicals.

This can trigger inflammation and generally wreak havoc on the body by damaging cells.


Cue the antioxidant which is unique because it doesn’t need to have paired electrons. Antioxidants travel around the body donating electrons to stop free radicals in their tracks.


Fruit, veg, herbs and spices are great sources of antioxidants. Our Mighty Green Coffee blends are carefully crafted to enhance the natural antioxidant properties of coffee using incredible combinations of herbs and spices. Did we mention that Fitness Coffee has 40% more antioxidants than standard coffee and Sensual Coffee has 30% more? Now that’s something to sip on.

You can read the antioxidant analysis of Fitness Coffee and Sensual Coffee here.


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